Easy Step by Step painting videos!

Painting can bring a lot of joy and a sense of calm even in the chaos of paint and giggles everywhere! Want to have some fun, disconnect from all devices, the news, the world and reconnect with your loved ones?

How do you do this? 

Buy a few simple art supplies, join one of my two memberships and tadaaa! Paint Night at home!

You can also buy individual classes or a fun series.  

Get to know a new side of your family/friends. Collaborate, encourage, laugh, paint together. 

You don't need to be an artist! You don't need complicated supplies! You just need a few colours of paint, a few brushes and you can have a lot of fun! 

Heather Marion Batten Macdonald

What a great bonding experience!

Lots of fun, did it with my boyfriend’s son. We had a great time. By doing it with the posted videos we could pause and rewind as needed. It was great!


Freda Lombard

Freda is a self taught artist that gives you step by step instructions that will guide you not only to paint beautiful paintings, but you will paint focussing on the experience and exploring your creative side. Freda believes everyone has an inner artist and if you slow down, take a deep breath and paint without judgement, that you too, will discover your inner artist. Freda was was born and raised in South Africa and is now living in Surrey, BC Canada. Freda started painting after receiving an easel as a gift in 2010 and immediately after starting to paint she gave friends brushes to paint with her. Fast forward a few years and today almost 20 000 people have painted with Freda.


What others say about my online classes

Mother Daughter time

Laretta Ross Martin

We love joining in her paint nights! My 10 year old daughter and I always enjoy her workshops. Freda takes the time to explain brushes, paints, techniques, and has so much patience with us newbies. Amazing human being! 💖

Online Family Paint Night

be Micaela Robinson

We had an amazing time as a family. It was a very interactive experience and we will definitely be painting with Zealous Art again!!! So much fun!!! This activity you could do solo, with your family, a group, a couple....etc. with wine, without wine... So much fun thank you!! 5 stars!!

Just breathe

Barbara Tontsch

Freda is an amazing person and instructor. She has such a pleasant, casual manner. I love it when she says “ just breathe” ! I never thought of myself as artistic but with her I feel like an artist when I am painting. So good for my soul during these uncertain times. Her instructions are easy to follow . Love the painting techniques I am learning.

Paint Night at Home is for everyone!

Family Paint Night at home - Membership

You can choose to sign up Monthly or yearly. Signing up for the year you get two months for free.