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Hi! I'm Freda, the owner and founder of Zealous Art. Welcome to your portal of artistic exploration and growth! Here, you're not just getting access to delightful, step-by-step recorded painting tutorials suitable for adults, kids, and families alike, but you're also stepping into a vibrant universe of three dynamic communities.

Dive into the Zealous Art Paint Night at Home community for immersive painting sessions, explore the Colourful Ventures and Profit Hub within our business circle, and embark on a journey of self-improvement with the Artful Growth hub dedicated to nurturing creativity and personal development. My tutorials serve as the ideal backdrop for date nights, girls' nights, family bonding, or even a solo retreat after a taxing day. With offerings tailored for both short and extended sessions, this is where you can whisk yourself away to a world of colour and creativity.

Painting not only allows you to momentarily disconnect from daily rigours but also provides a serene escape without stepping out of your door. So, gear up for an enriching experience and join me in weaving art into the tapestry of your life!

What others are saying ...

“You are easy to follow, simple step by step. I love that you say no judgment just paint and that you remind us to breathe. 😂🎨 your painting classes are very calming! ”

Lindsay Tattrie

“Painting with Freda is so relaxing and fun! Her friendly personality and step by step directions have you painting like a pro before you know it. My confidence in painting has increased tremendously since starting with her free paint nights and joining her paint club. It's well worth the money! And, don't forget to breathe!! Thanks Freda!”

Jenn Russel

“A patient and conscientious instructor who knows her medium well: she listens to those participating in her lessons, provides clear feedback and suggestions, and is a joy to listen to. I’ve already learned a lot from the paint sessions I’ve done.”

Angela McCabe

“I recommend this online class because it is not fine arts but it’s fine art I enjoy it very much and it goes step-by-step you learn how to paint in a way that actually makes sense”

Jane Smith

Paint Night at Home Membership

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