Welcome to my online school, the home of The Paint Night at Home Membership! Here you will find easy, fun, step by step painting class videos! These sessions are enjoyed by adults, kids, families, friends and are really great for date nights or any group! If you only have and hour or two to spare for art making, this is the right place for you!! Making art is a great way to disconnect and 'go away' without leaving. It is great to distract you from 'real life' for a while.

Home of the Zealous Art Paint Night at Home Membership

Unwind, Paint & Have fun - access more than 100 step by step videos today

All you need is a few art supplies to have a fun, relaxing painting experience

Acrylic paint, a few brushes and a canvas is all you need to start!

...and you don't need to be an artist or consider yourself to be a creative artsy fartsy person. Just paint, have fun and enjoy the experience. You'll be glad you did.

Even just an hour a week can have great benefits

What can you gain from painting regularly

  • Fun

    Remember when the art supplies came out as a kid? You can feel that again!

  • Relaxing

    Dragging a brush over a canvas and focusing just on the painting relaxes your mind, body and soul

  • Reduces strees

    A mindfulness activity reduces the pART of your brain where you feel stress. Being focused on your painting relaxes you, thus reducing stress

  • Boosts self-confidence

    You'll be amazed at what you can create even if you think you can't draw a stick man! Doing this regularly, creating something out of nothing, boosts your self confidence.

How does it work?

It works like Netflix! You select a video and can watch it over and over if you want. Today you can watch 2 tomorrow you can watch 10! When you sign up you have access to all the classes!

  • 24/7 access to more than 120 online classes offering many different design styles!

  • Pause, go back or move forward as you please, so you can paint at your own pace

  • Easy step by step instructions that is great for beginners

  • Great for all ages and skill levels and ages

  • Fun themes and styles categorized to help you choose!

  • Istant access to all videos in the library immediately so you can start today!

  • Minimum of 3 new videos a month

  • Traceables where required (no need to be able to draw!)

  • Supply suggestions

  • Community and membership hub to keep you updated

What others are saying ...

“You are easy to follow, simple step by step. I love that you say no judgment just paint and that you remind us to breathe. 😂🎨 your painting classes are very calming! ”

Lindsay Tattrie

“Painting with Freda is so relaxing and fun! Her friendly personality and step by step directions have you painting like a pro before you know it. My confidence in painting has increased tremendously since starting with her free paint nights and joining her paint club. It's well worth the money! And, don't forget to breathe!! Thanks Freda!”

Jenn Russel

“A patient and conscientious instructor who knows her medium well: she listens to those participating in her lessons, provides clear feedback and suggestions, and is a joy to listen to. I’ve already learned a lot from the paint sessions I’ve done.”

Angela McCabe

“I recommend this online class because it is not fine arts but it’s fine art I enjoy it very much and it goes step-by-step you learn how to paint in a way that actually makes sense”

Jane Smith

Art Supplies

Keep it simple

(find the rainbow forest here )

Keep it simple! Remember we are going for expression rather than perfection! 

Acrylic paint – student grade is perfect. Craft paints are great too! Bring all your favourite colours! 

3-4 different size brushes.  In most of my paintings I use a size 4/5 small round, a medium size 5/6 Filbert and a 1 inch Flat synthetic hair brushes.  

Canvasses or mixed media paper - some people paint on rocks, saw blades and even furniture! 

Water to clean brushes

Paper towels / paint cloth, a rag

Paint palette (paper plate will work)

Use what you have! improvise Get creative.

Remember this is fun art not fine art!

Make the painting your own, change up the colours, ad other elements! Have fun with it! Let your inner artist come out to play! 

Find supply suggestions here