Art Supplies

Keep it simple!

You can find this painting here

Acrylic paint – craft paints or student grade is perfect.  Bring all your colours.

If you want to buy paint and not sure what to get Red yellow & blue is the primary colours, with these 3 colours you can mix most colours! 

Green Brown Orange Purple and always have Black and White

Sax True Flow Heavy Bodied acrylic paint is what I have been using for years! 
Here are the links 

3-4 different size brushes. I mostly use a size 1 small round, a medium size 6 Filbert and a 1 inch Flat synthetic hair brushes.

This Roayl & Langnickel is a great brush set 



Canvasses or mixed media paper I normally use 11 x 14, 12 by 16, 16 x 20 and  12 x 24 canvas.  Others have painted on rocks, saw blades, dresser! You can paint on anything!! 

Water to clean brushes

Paper towels / paint cloth, a rag
Paint palette (paper plate will work)

Use what you have! improvise Get creative. Always check the details of the listed event for additional art supply suggestions. 

Things I might use is natural sponges, additional colours, fan brushes and hard bristle brushes. Pencils/sharpies 

Remember this is fun art not fine art!

Make the painting your own, change up the colours, ad other elements! 

Have fun with it! Let your inner artist come out to play! 

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