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Keep it simple!

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Remember we do fun art not fine art. I can't post links for acrylic paint from all over the world so these are what I use or would recommend. As you paint more and get to know your supplies you can adjust to your needs. There, just like my instructions, are all just suggestions!

🛒 Shop Acrylic Paint:

Acrylic paint is the foundation of your creative journey. 

Craft paints or student-grade acrylics work perfectly for beginners. The primary colours you'll need are red, yellow, and blue—these three hues enable you to mix a vast array of colours. You can also include green, brown, orange, purple, black, and white in your collection. 

For a trusted choice, I've been using Sax True Flow Heavy-Bodied acrylic paint for years.

Liquitex basic is a great student grade brand that I turn to when Sax True Flow is not available (which can happen quite a bit these days for some reason :/. )

I absolutely enjoy painting with craft paints and fluid acrylics (craft paint has more white pigment and can go greying/muddy easily, but still a great paint to paint with especially for a beginner that is not doing too much layering and mixing of colours)

🛒 Shop Paint brushes:

To bring your artistic visions to life, you'll require a range of brushes. I recommend having 3-4 different sizes, including a small round size 1, a medium-size 6 Filbert, and a 1-inch flat synthetic hair brush. The Royal & Langnickel brush set is an excellent choice for beginners.

This Royal & Langnickel is a great brush set 

This brush set is great for beginners! I have been painting with my set like this a lot the last couple of days... I might just get another set to keep on hand!

🛒 Shop canvasses:

For your canvas needs, consider sizes like 9 x 12, 11 x 14, 12 x 16, and 16 x 20. However, remember that you can paint on various surfaces, from rocks to saw blades and dressers!   I also enjoy Canvas paper or canvas sheets.  

Be sure to keep water on hand for cleaning brushes, as well as paper towels or a paint cloth for wiping.

Other supplies:

Be sure to keep water on hand for cleaning brushes, as well as paper towels or a paint cloth for wiping.

To help you mix your colours and create your masterpiece, a paint palette is essential. A simple paper plate can serve as a makeshift palette—use what you have, and don't be afraid to get creative!

As you progress in your painting journey, you might explore additional tools like natural sponges, fan brushes, hard bristle brushes, and pencils/sharpies. Always feel free to improvise and adapt your supplies to your unique style.

Remember, this is fun art, not fine art! Make each painting your own by experimenting with colours and adding your personal touch. 

Let your inner artist come out to play and have a blast on your artistic adventure!

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