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Summer and beach paintings

    1. Index

    1. Take me to the ocean - Big wave

    2. Turtles on the Beach

    3. Pastel Sunset

    4. Serene Kayaking

    5. Camper - Night time scene

    6. String lights

    7. Marshmallows in the fire

    8. Cocktail pARTy

    9. Red sunset with palm trees

    10. Sunset Porthole

    11. Message in a bottle

    12. Let's go for a walk on the beach!

    1. Feet in the sand

    2. Stencil Hers

    3. Stencil His

    1. Jan 15, 2020 Cabo San Lucas

    2. Sailboats

    3. Jan 2021, Palm trees at midnight

    4. Jan 2021, Shell

    5. Camper Night scene - Live July 20th

    6. Midnight Moon on the beach

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