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Join us for a fun virtual Paint Night on November 18th at 5pm pst! Not only will you paint, but also be helping a good cause. Painting at home allows you to create for yourself a fun, peaceful non judgemental environment to paint in. Invite friends to join you or enjoy a little 'me' time! Not only are you painting for a cause, but also for you. Making art and being creative is very therapeutic, yet fun and enjoyable. You only need acrylic paints, a canvas and a few brushes! Can't join November 18th at 5pm! That is okay you will have access to this event until February 18th 2021!

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Sandy Pines Wildlife Centre

SPWC cares for injured and orphaned wild animals, whether they be birds, mammals, reptiles or amphibians

The Mandate of the facility is to help all injured and orphaned wildlife, mammals, birds, reptiles or amphibians and release them back into the wild. We also give advice and assistance to property owners who are having problems with their wild animal neighbours and can offer humane alternatives to solve these conflicts. The Founder and President is Sue Meech who is licensed Provincially by the Ministry of Natural Resources and Federally by Canadian Wildlife Services to provide care and shelter for birds and mammals. In 2011, over 1700 mammals and birds were admitted to the Centre. Most were released successfully. There are two full time staff year round and one part time seasonal staff member. We have several fantastic volunteers who help in many ways. Some help with the animals and birds that are admitted. Others help with transportation needs, and some help with the fund-raising. In 2007 we started an internship program where students come and live at the centre and help care for the huge influx of patients that come in the Spring and Summer.

Kira Finn

Founder of Strong Wild Free Inc

I am 25, creative, positive and energetic! I am an aspiring entrepreneur. I love to learn new things, and teach others all that I know. Helping others has always been my main priority. I incorporated Strong.Wild.Free as a non-profit organization on September 29, 2020. The inspiration came after holding a fundraiser for Sandy Pines Wildlife Centre, for my birthday/Thanksgiving. The name began as part of 3 affirmations I created for myself and had began saying daily, when I started my natural healing journey, August 1, 2020. "I am STRONGER than any obstacle that may come in my path; Both MENTALLY and PHYSICALY. I am ALWAYS going to be WILD. I am FREE to be ME! As we are ALL MEANT TO BE!" Little things have ALWAYS impacted my life the most. From a little negative comment that created insecurites, to the little items I like to collect and cherish as memories. Little things impact the entire world just the same. Our actions, no matter how little, impact the world either positivley or negativly. Each life, changes the world. No matter if that life is a BEE, TREE or HUMAN BEING. Each life has it's own unique purpose. Learning about "6 Degrees of Seperation" made me realize just how connected we all truly are, and how much our lives impact the world, with the little things we do. That is why my mission is to "INSPIRE CREATING POSITIVE IMPACTS IN EVERY LITTLE WAY POSSIBLE! By EDUCATING about LITTLE THINGS that will RAISE AWARENESS and HELP OTHERS. CONNECTING; SHARING KNOWLEDGE to REDUCE WASTE and NEGATIVE ENERGY within our WORLD. By INSPIRING UNIQUE MINDS to CREATIVELY UPCYCLE." "LITTLE THINGS CREATE BIG IMPACTS!" I believe "TOGETHER WE ARE TRULY INFINITE." Together... by doing little positive things... WE CAN CHANGE THE WORLD.

Hi I am Freda

Owner and founder of Zealous Art

Thousands of people have painted with me over the last few years at my studio and in their homes. Now they join me online and in their own homes! I love seeing the joy and excitement painting brings. People of all skill levels join to have fun and paint along. I am so excited for you to join in the fun!