Why should you participate in this Paint your pet's portrait art challenge!

Freda, your instructor, will be sharing all her tips and tricks she has learned from teaching 100s of people to paint their pets!

  • Painting your pet's portrait is a personal creative outlet

  • No need to be able to draw (I got some tips and tricks to get your pet on the canvas)

  • Easy step by step painting instructions

  • There is a community you can join!

  • Learn a skill that produce great gifts... or even another income stream!

  • Great investment in yourself!

The challenge

    1. Art Supplies

    2. Introduction

    3. Art Studio setup

    1. Welcome to Day 1!

    2. Choosing a reference photo

    3. Photo and Pet portrait examples

    4. The Paint colours

    5. Doing a colour swatches with the paints you have

    1. Welcome to Day 2

    2. Transferring your pet onto your canvas.

    3. Here we go!

    1. Welcome to Day 3

    2. Background

    3. Colour blocking

    1. Welcome to Day 4

    2. Painting cat eyes!

    3. Painting dog eyes and nose

    1. Welcome to Day 5

    2. Painting the poodle hair

    3. Painting cat fur (smoother short hair fur)

    4. How to paint the whiskers and the last bit of details!

About this course

  • $37.00
  • 22 lessons
  • 2 hours of video content

5 day Paint Your Pet's portrait challenge!

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Your instructor

Freda Lombard

Artist and Owner of Zealous Art

Freda believes everyone has an inner artist and if you slow down, take a deep breath and paint without judgment, that you too, will discover your inner artist. Freda will encourage you to make mindful marks, breathe and have fun while you drag the brush over your canvas! Freda curated her own art education and although she enjoys fine art she always reminds her students that she teaches fun art, not fine art! Freda was was born and raised in South Africa and is now living in Surrey, BC Canada. Freda started painting after receiving an easel as a gift in 2010 and immediately after starting to paint, she gave friends brushes to paint with her. Fast forward a few years and today thousands of people from all over the world have painted with Freda in her studio, on location in her community and online. Freda facilitates in person Painting experiences for small groups and large corporations and recently finisher her Therapeutic Arts Practitioner certification through CIIAT.

5 day Paint YourPet's portrait chellenge

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