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Bring out the art supplies. You need a few brushes, acrylic paint and a canvas. You can also paint on wood, a rock or any other surface! This is great to paint on your own or with friends and family! night? You will be able to pause, forward and go back if you missed any instructions! Instructions are simple and easy to follow and you are encouraged to make the painting your own. When your inner artist wants to come out to play... don't hold back! Change the colours, add other elements to the painting. Why not collaborate with those joining with you. Align your horizons, match colours it is so fun what you can do! Have fun and remember to breathe!

Course curriculum

    1. Art Supplies

    2. Daisy

    3. Step by step video

    1. Step by Step Video

    2. Art Supplies

    3. Stencil

    1. Supplies

    2. Step by step video


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