Get into a creative Christmas Spirit

with 12 days of Christmas Mini painting Challenge

Every day from December 13th to the 24th  I will guide you step by step to do a mini painting. This challenge is great for a beginner or those who have some painting experience.   Art challenges is a great way to push yourself to try new things and to explore you creative side. Although we will all be painting the same painting I will leave lots of room for you to be creative and make the painting your own by choosing your own colours and different painting techniques and styles. Anything from painting with 'the other hand' to just choosing certain colours. 

You need basic art supplies

  1. Canvas / Mixed media paper
  2. Paint brushes
  3. Acrylic paint 

Find supply suggestions here 

Course curriculum

    1. Welcome

    2. Artist Affirmation

    3. Different ways to make time for art activities

    1. Art Supplies

    2. Art studio setup

    1. December 13th - Day 1 - Ditch Perfection Aim for Expression

    1. December 14th - Day 2

    1. December 15th - Day 3

    1. December 16th - Day 4

About this course

  • $49.00
  • 18 lessons
  • 2 hours of video content

Hi I am Freda

I'll guide you step by step!

Thousands of people have painted with me over the last few years at my studio and in their homes. Now they join me online and in their own homes! I love seeing the joy and excitement painting brings. People of all skill levels join to have fun and paint along. I am so excited for you to join in the fun!