Course curriculum

  • 1

    Introduction to watercolour paints


    • Welcome!

    • Art Supplies

  • 2

    Get to know your paints

    • Your palette and Mixing colours

    • Basic brush strokes

    • Pearlescent paint and Masking fluid

  • 3

    Watercolour Landscape painting

    • Step by step watercolour landscape painting

  • 4

    Watercolour Christmas cards

    • Step by step watercolour guide

  • 5

    Artist Affirmations

    • What is Affirmations

    • 100+ Affrimations

    • Watercolour affirmation cards step by step guide

Art Supplies

As a beginner it might be overwhelming thinking of where to start! 

I am going to list the basic supplies that you will need to get started. Some items will be listed as optional as it isn't required for you to start, but it might be required for the projects in this course. 

Watercolour paints: A specific brand is normally personal choice. If you know me I use very expensive brands and very 'cheap' brands because for me it is all about fun and discovering your inner artist! 

I am going to use my Derwen Inktense paints, Sonet Studio watercolours and FiteTec pearlescent colours paints in this course (optional) 

Brushes: (Sizes 8, 3 and 1 or 2 inch large brush) You need brushes with soft hair. Avoid stiff hard bristles.  You'll need a large brush to wet large areas, a medium brush and a smaller brush. I like to have liner brushes (same as what I use for acrylic painting for painting small details and outlines) 

Masking tape (painters tape) and Masking fluid.

Watercolour paper - hot press are more popular because it is smoother, but I love painting on both hot and cold press. Again... it is really about preference! 

Card stock for affirmation cards (you can always cut Watercolour paper to size. (optional)

Graphite pencil

Pencil sharpener

Kneaded eraser 



Here is a link to my Amazon suggestions 

These are just suggested items. I am not familiar with all the brands listed, but these are items I would buy! If you prefer to go shopping in person you will find it is much easier than you think. In Michael s the brushes are divided into Acrylics/Oils and water colour brushes and there are different levels from student to professional. Choose a   watercolour sheet in the size you would like to try and find a student grade watercolour set of paints. Don't over think it.  There are lots of kits at stores like Michael's that will make it easy to. Remember we are not quitting our day jobs, we are having fun and going to learn to play with watercolours. When you discover your really like painting with watercolours and want to try more expensive brands, different paper and fancier brushes you'll see how much fun it is discovering what you really like. 

When I am on vacation or stuck somewhere without supplies, I will buy watercolour paints from the dollar store and mixed media paper and still have LOADS of fun! Let me show you how you can have fun with watercolours! See you inside the course!