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Art supplies

You need only a few basic art supplies

Keep it simple! Remember we are going for expression rather than perfection!  We're going to unwind! 

Acrylic paint – student grade is perfect. Craft paints are great too! Bring all your favourite colours! (I also used gold metallic paints to add extra shimmer to my paintings) 

Basic colour list Red, Yellow, blue, green, orange, purple, brown, black & white. 

3-4 different size synthetic hair brushes for Acrylics/oils.  In most of my paintings I use a size 4-6 small round, a medium size 5/6 Filbert and  a size 16 filbert.  1 inch Flat  brush for backgrounds is a nice to have.

Canvasses or mixed media paper - some people paint on rocks, saw blades and even furniture! 

Water to clean brushes

Paper towels / paint cloth, a rag

Paint palette (paper plate will work)

Use what you have! improvise Get creative.

Remember this is fun art not fine art!

Make the painting your own, change up the colours, ad other elements! Have fun with it! Let your inner artist come out to play! 

Find supply suggestions here


Benefits of a painting experience

  • It is relaxing

    Dragging a brush over a canvas and focusing just on the painting relaxes your mind, body and soul

  • It reduces stress

    A mindfulness activity reduces the pART of your brain where you feel stress. Being focused on your painting relaxes you, thus reducing stress

  • It boosts self-confidence

    You'll be amazed at what you can create even if you think you can't draw a stick man! Doing this regularly, creating something out of nothing, boosts your self confidence

  • It is fun

    Remember when the art supplies came out as a kid? You can feel that again!